About Avant Guard

Security doors is a very good security alternative to the home, which both physically and mentally discourages burglary attempts. Historically, an incredible amount of doors have been sold as protection for properties, but have recently been replaced by alarms or steel doors, as these are less visible and more easily blend into the home environment.

The downside is a larger investment, a lot of adaptation and additional costs in the form of subscriptions etc. In the long run incredibly much more expensive.

We believe that the market needs a stylish and safe security door that blends in and becomes an interior detail rather than a safety item. At a reasonable cost.

We highlight design as an important part of the security concept, while not sacrificing security. No one else does this and we are unique in our niche.

In terms of competence, we have extensive experience from brand building, design and function in symbiosis.

Our basic position is very clear; we will deliver:

High-class security with innovative design, at an attractive price!